Story and pics by James TC Wong
May 10, 2011

Rev. Lisa congratulating one of the honoured parents.

In lieu of celebrating Mother’s Day, parents from the congregation were appreciated in our church on last Sunday.

Gift hampers consisting of a variety organic foods were presented to twelve senior citizens aged 60 years and above, while other parents received a beautifully-wrapped Cream Cheese tart ordered from a local popular bakery.

Wonderful performance from the Sunday School children.

To honour the parents, a troop of children from the Sunday School presented a rousing recital much to the delight of all present.

Using Ephesians 6: 1-4, Rev. Lisa Ting delivered her sermon “Children, Obey Your Parents” to remind the congregation to honour and respect all parents.

Apostle Paul in the beginning of the chapter emphasizes on parents–children relationship. Paul’s first command “Children, obey your parents …” clearly indicates that children are under the authority of their parents.

“The first act of obedience is hearing the command,” Rev. Lisa said to the congregation. “An obedient child is the one who is eager to hear instructions.”

“Is there a time when a child needs to disobey his parents?” also asked Rev. Lisa.

The answer is in the affirmative as not all parents instruct their children to do morally right things.

Rev. Lisa recalled incidents during her ministry years in Africa whereby she often came across children who were forced to beg in the streets by their abusive parents.

To reinforce her points in the sermon, Rev. Lisa shared on the family values she had so richly learned from her parents.

Her demised father often reminded Rev. Lisa to stay strongly bonded with her siblings and love each other.

Rev. Lisa’s mother, who presently resides in Sibu, is a living example. By faithfully nursing her own bedridden parents, Madam Hii (Rev. Lisa’s mother) teaches her own daughters on filial piety through action.

“Mommy, we will take you as an example on how you honour and take care of your parents. We will do the same in future for you,” Rev. Lisa told the congregation how she assured her mother.

Rev. Lisa also highlighted the plight of single mothers in the USA. Statistics have shown serious social ills in a household without a father’s involvement in parenting.

The good shepherd also cautioned parents not to exasperate or pamper children for their own good.

“As children we have to obey and honour our parents in Christ; however in Christ as parents we need to encourage more on our children, be with them and to bring them up in training and instruction for our children to become Godly people,” concluded Rev. Lisa.

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