May 27, Senadin – On Friday night the Senadin Methodist Campus Gospel Centre (SMCGC) was turned into a temporary “food court” for a worthy cause.

A Small Group from Pujut Zone visited the centre to serve chicken soup to its members whom are mostly Curtin University undergraduates.

The chicken soup, affectionately named as love soup, is traditionally served in Chinese families. The nourishing soup is known to promote wellness and rejuvenation.

“We are thankful for this opportunity to serve the students who will be sitting for their semester exam next week. Most of them are from outstation and naturally will miss the home-cooked chicken soup. By serving them love soup we hope they will be rejuvenated from the stress and studies,” explained Joyce Hii, one of the Small Group members.

The students were visibly overwhelmed by the act of parental love. Notes of appreciation were subsequently posted via the social media Facebook at SMCGC’s page.

Some of them even acknowledged their gratitude by emails.

“It was the first time I’ve attended such an event in SMCGC. It’s actually quite good especially for those like us who are away from our parents. Those soups were really delicious! It makes us think of what our parents usually do for us. I am really touched knowing that there are still many people who care about us while we are studying in Miri. Last but not least, I want to thank SMCGC and those uncles and aunties from GMC who prepared the delicious chicken soup. And also thank our beloved God for everything that HE has given us, praise the Lord!” – Ting Huat Liang, 2nd Year, Diploma in Business.

“We enjoyed the chicken soup very much. Now our energy has upgraded! We felt the warmth and love from you all. Thanks God and praise our Lord. ” – Jessieline Ngu, Final Year, Management and Finance.

“The chicken soup tasted nice. It really helps as our exam is round the corner. It has been such a long time since I had any chicken soup as I’m always busy in my studies. Thanks a lot to GMC for caring for us students. May God bless what you have done to SMCGC.” – Tang Sing Kim, 2nd Year, Chemical Engineering.

Fidella Tiew, the Lay Leader of SMCGC thanked the members from GMC for their love and hospitality shown to the students. “We accept your invitation and will plan to celebrate our 8th Anniversary in GMC this year,” she said in closing.

Here’s one happy photo for the album!

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