One of the participants in action during training

Story and pics by James TC Wong

In the second half of the year the Sunday School ministry continues to propel forward with the launching of “Hope for Kids” training which is part of Evangelism Explosion (EE) International and EE Malaysia programme.

Hailed as the “most exciting” children’s ministries evangelistic tool in 30 years, the training was held in church from June 1–4 with a participation of 16 children aged eleven to twelve.

Our church is the first Methodist church in Sarawak to conduct and complete the “Hope for Kids” training consisting of twelve lessons.

“Hope for Kids” is based on the belief that children can share the gospel. Concurrently the burden lies on the parents and pastors of the church to teach them how to do so.

Its family-friendly outreach approach also encourages the participation of family members; from the child to parent.

Over the 4 days of training the participants learned about gospel truths in a fun environment with hands-on applications. The curriculum included games, music, skits and “H4Kids” presentation of the gospel.

The children also learned the exposition of the Word, designed to reach out to their non-Christian peer group.

The confidence level of the children developed from “shy” to “shine” …

As the training progressed, transformation among the participants and trainers became evident. The confidence level of the children developed from “shy” to “shine” and they were able share the gospel unashamedly. 

Sharing the gospel does not come naturally for everyone, especially children. Children can share without inhibitions if they have the right tools that enable them to defend their own faith, and share with others the Good News. One of the young participants put in practice on what was learned when he visited his grandparents in Kuala Lumpur after the training.

Rev. Lisa Ting praised the Sunday School volunteers for taking the initiative to launch such a new evangelism tool.

“Praise the Lord for His gracious and wonderful deeds in our church. I believe God will use children to reach out more people and bring them to Christ. We pray for a good harvest and in due course other churches may too introduce the training to their respective Sunday School ministries,” said Rev. Lisa.

Since the training, 25 out of 30 non-Christian children in church are now ready to accept Christ.

The “Hope for Kids” is an ongoing series and more on job training (OJT) will be organized in the coming months.

Sunday School volunteer Robert Ting has kindly contributed to this story.

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