Men’s Fellowship Luncheon

By James TC Wong

Miri – More than 30 men from church attended a luncheon held at a local deli on Aug 27 were served with special ‘desserts’ when Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai gave an impactful 30 minutes sharing on “Wake up, Men!”.

In his opening note, Rev. Dr. Tie addressed the inhibitions of Asian men in particular Chinese, who are shy to exhibit their affection to family members especially to their loved ones.

Rev. Dr. Tie, who is also the Principal of Methodist Theological School (MTS) Sibu, confessed that he too had struggled for years with the reluctance of hugging his own father. “Eventually I did hug Dad with the help from Mom,” he said humorously receiving a delightful applause from the floor.

The good Reverend encouraged the men to take a new look at themselves and replace emotional distance and “Superman” mask with true love and genuine strength.

“To bless yourself and your family, you need to regularly do the following – to love with feelings (to hug), be expressive (say I love you) and be action-oriented (give flowers),” he added.

One of the attendees Mr. Stephen Ngu said, “Rev. Dr. Tie has articulated well on our shortcomings. To our loved ones we are usually slow to respond and poor in expressing. His 3-point reminder is timely and much appreciated.”

The Men’s Fellowship is a new ministry in church initiated last year. Among its activities are sports, discipleship/mentoring and providing a platform for marketplace evangelism.

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