Dorothy Kuek leads the i-Youth in a pledge to uphold life

“When you see yourself as a gift – you can recognize your friends as gifts and love them for who they are.” – Dorothy Kuek

by James TC Wong

Oct 10, Miri – When do you think life starts? Do you know that you are a unique gift from God? How much does a life cost? These were some of the probing questions thrown at the floor when more than 50 youths attended a talk “I am a Gift” at church on Oct 8.

Organized specially for i-Youth Fellowship Group, the objective of the talk was to educate the teens on the value and sanctity of human life.

As parents and educators grapple with the explosion of explicit content and social networks on the Internet, problems of premarital sex, unwanted pregnancies and abortions among the young continue to be on the rise.

The speaker was Dorothy Kuek, a worker from the Human Life Service Center (HLS).

Established in 1995, the Miri-based non-profit organization actively promotes awareness on the value of life. It also provides pro-life education and training to the community (local and outstation), and serves as a temporary shelter home for women in pregnancy crisis.

In her talk Kuek explained the value and meaning of life. She further frankly elaborated on the significance of gender awareness and sexuality, chastity, and learning to reject premarital sex.

Issues commonly not discussed at home were also brought up – the culture of death (contraception, abortion), post-abortion syndrome, feminists’ movements and same sex marriages.

“Marriage is a gift from God. A marital union is only valid inside marriage, not outside. It is a Holy Sacrament between two people who deeply love each other; only between a husband and a wife,” reminded Kuek to the attentive teens.

After the hour-long presentation, the youths were invited to make a pledge to uphold life.

When asked for feedback after the talk, 17 year-old student Karyn Wong commented: “Everyone is beautiful in God’s sight. Girls don’t have to seek attention from boys by wearing too little. Teens should be aware of the consequences of premarital sex. Unwanted pregnancy leading to abortion is not the solution. Abortion is killing and killing is sinful in the eyes of God.”

Samuel Su, a 16 year-old student felt his self-esteem improved after attending the talk. “I tend to look at my flaws not realizing that I am a perfect gift from God – now I am so proud to be God’s creation.”

Rev. Lisa (R) appreciating Dorothy Kuek

The attendees gave a rousing applause when Pastor-in-charge Rev. Lisa Ting presented Kuek a small gift in token of appreciation after the session ended.

In closing Rev. Lisa gave thanks and praise to God in prayer.

For more information on Human Life Service Center, call +6085 426729 or email

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