by James TC Wong

Miri – Five companies from the Miri District Boys’ Brigade led by their respective Captains converged at the newly-rebuilt Mei Ann Methodist Church to celebrate their Founder’s Day on Oct 15.

Founded by Sir Alexander William Smith in 1883, the Boys’ Brigade is an interdenominational Christian youth organization that has grown to 500,000 members in 60 countries.

Founder’s Day is a worldwide event for the Boys’ Brigade and is traditionally celebrated in the month of October.

This year’s event was hosted by 3rd Miri in conjunction with its 10th Year Anniversary.

In his speech Captain Lorenzo Ting of 3rd Miri welcomed and thanked everyone for their participation and attendance. He briefly spoke about the Founder and the stated object of the Boys’ Brigade. “We are also glad to announce that 3rd Miri, which is sponsored by Mei Ann MC, is now in its 10th year of inception.”

Northern Region Boys’ Brigade Chaplain Rev. Wong Sing Ming delivered a message to remind the Boys about the challenges in life. He also encouraged them to stay faithful to their purpose. “We must always remember our purpose in life is to glorify God.”

Jeremy Ting from 3rd Miri was the sole recipient of the Gold Award (Juniors).

Appreciation plaques were also given to Tiong Hong Yii (teacher-in-charge, SRK (C) Chung Hua Pujut), Lucy Ngui (teacher-in-charge, SRK North), Pui Mui Kian (PKKK, SRK St. Columba) and Robinette Tiong (Principal, SMK St. Columba).

Corporal Edward Ngu of 3rd Miri gave a testimony on his memorable experience since joining the Boys’ Brigade a decade ago.

Contributing to the evening’s highlights were performances by 3rd Miri (dance and action song), 4th Miri (fancy drill), 5th Miri (skit and fancy drill) and the 10th Year Anniversary cake cutting.

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