The youths enjoying the lush tropical rainforest of Lambir Hills National Park

Special report & pics by Joshua Lee, 2012 i-Youth President-Elect

MIRI – The GMC Youth retreat started on Friday (Nov 25) at GMC fellowship hall. We arrived at 5pm and registered ourselves. There were 40 youths and 5 advisors. We had a briefing about the rules in the retreat by Uncle Andy. After the ice-breaking, we had dinner. Uncle Andy later shared about role models. He told us that our role model should be Jesus for He grew up in wisdom and in stature and so should we. After the sharing we went home. We assembled at GMC the next morning before 7am. We departed for Lambir at 7.10am and arrived at 7.52am.

After checking into our respective chalets, we went for a 20 minutes walk into the forest to a place to have picnic. After the picnic, we went back and rested. After that, we were split into 5 groups and given a task to shoot 5 photos with the theme based on beauty, emo, funny, family and best shot. We were also asked to shoot a movie about a parable in the Bible. We were then given the time to discuss about it in their respective groups. We later watched a movie. We discussed about the external and internal world of a particular character in the movie. Uncle Andy told us how not to let the external world affect our internal world. We later played some games and had dinner. After that, we had devotion time which was led by Aunty Siew Yew. The devotion was about the temptations we face and how we can overcome it with God.

The next day (Sunday), we went for a jungle trek to Pantu waterfalls which was 1.8km in the forest. We started the trek at 8am and finished at around 11.45am. After the exhausting trek, we had lunch prepared by the canteen. We were then given the time to shoot the movie until 3.45pm. At 4pm, Uncle Andy invited his friend named Brother David to do some sharing. Brother David shared about communication. He split us into groups and gave us a task that would require communication among ourselves. He later gave comments about the way each group communicates. After dinner, we played a night game called “dawn of the anti-Christ”. The objective of the game is that every group have to send straws (represents the Bible) to churches hidden around a specific space at the venue while avoiding being captured by the anti-Christ’s. After that, we went back to finish our photo and movie task given to them at the start of the retreat.

Monday morning was started with devotion time led by Uncle Andy. He shared on how to handle problems. Later, some of us shared the problems we had and still are facing. Some of us also gave comfort to the ones facing problems. After the breakfast, the 5 groups presented their photos and the videos they made. After packing, we boarded the bus and left for GMC at 2pm and reached the church at 2.50pm.

Group pic

Here are some of the comments received:

“The retreat was awesome! Even though we all had some ups and downs and some more minor injuries, it was a camp to remember. Got to enjoy nature’s benefits and had lots of fun playing. The trekking was really tiring though.” – Mark Law

“The Youth Camp Was AWESOME! I’m kind of missing it already.” – Esther Su

“The games was fun and the sharing was meaningful.” – Emmanuel Lee

“The camp was an overall thumbs up. Besides the ups and downs, we still learned a lot of Christian teachings. At the same time, lots of the youths have opened up. The next step is to instill leadership and open-mindedness into them. Let’s pray that the i-Youth members can grow up to be the light and salt of the world. Let all the glory be unto God. Amen.” – Tien Eu Min

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