Taiwan’s famous and popular singer Wang Chuan Yu (stage name – Wang Zhilei 王芷蕾)

by James TC Wong

FEB 13, MIRI – More than 4,500 Mirians attended a post-Chinese New Year concert organized by the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) at the Indoor Stadium last night.

For 2½ hours the world-famous gospel singers Heavenly Melody (天韻 HM) touched the hearts of the audience with their unique blend of harmonious singing and performance.

According to its website (www.hms.org.tw), HM is acknowledged as Taiwan’s first professional Christian ministry team with the aim of proclaiming God’s love through music.

Over the years HM has received numerous awards with 7 album titles and 200 original compositions to its credit. Its rich and diverse musical style ranging from hymns to contemporary music has delighted audiences in over 30 countries in five continents.

The 26-strong member team started the Lunar Year concert tour in Singapore (Feb 4-5), followed by Kuching (Feb 7) and Sibu (Feb 9-10).

In the opening act, HM’s Emcee Pastor Wesley Hsu En Tzu was visibly touched by the warm welcome by the responsive audience. The good pastor thanked the audience for their presence and invited the Miri Methodist Churches District Superintendent Rev. Esther Law for the opening prayer.

The world renowned Heavenly Melody singers

The enjoyment was so obvious

Liu Cheng, the master ventriloquist thrills the audience with wit and humor

Family drama in action

Pastor Wesley Hsu doing a duet

Taiwan’s gifted musician Hung Ching Yao

The audience was brought to their feet and hand claps were in sync with lively music and singing performed by the various artistes. Other highlights included a superb ventriloquist show by Liu Cheng, ‘O Happy Day’ sung in A Cappella version and an emotional family drama.

Taiwan’s famous music personality, Hung Ching Yao (洪敬尧) gave a touching testimony on how he patched up his strained relationship with his father. “My Mom, a Christian, showed me God’s grace. After becoming a Christian, I was able to forgive my Dad who divorced my Mom,” said the 45 year-old who is a popular judge in Taiwan’s current talent show Superstar Avenue.

In closing, team director Simon Hung recapped the challenges HM had faced when the tour began. “Our biggest fear is when things aren’t going the way we’ve planned. But once we start, we can’t quit! With God’s help, we can certainly overcome all obstacles.” Hung further encouraged the audience to rely on God, not on themselves, for wisdom.

Concert Organizing Chairman Loi Kwong Kuok was all smiles after the show. He praised God and the committee members for the wonderful and blessed evening. “We started planning six months ago when we received confirmation. The teamwork among all the volunteers from our district churches is fantastic, thank God.”

HM is a ministry arm of Overseas Radio and Television Inc., Taiwan.