An emotional moment at the cross

by James TC Wong

Apr 7, Miri – Methodist congregations throughout the Miri District observed Good Friday in their respective churches yesterday.

To experience the emotional and theological impact of Good Friday, the congregation in Grace MC was put in the shoes of Jesus Christ to see what He had to go through by taking a glimpse what happened 2,000 years ago.

With the sanctuary’s lights dimmed, the overhead projector showed an artistic rendition of the Stations of the Cross.

In the narration of the drama, the congregation identified with Jesus’ sufferings and rejections, and responded on cue.

Rev. Dr. Koh expounds the meaning of Passion

Rev. Dr. Daniel Koh Kah Soon, a visiting lecturer from the Singapore Trinity Theological College preached the message, “The Passion of Christ.”

Following that, the congregation was asked to write one sin on a piece of black-colored paper.

With the lights dimmed, there came the time of private prayer. One by one, silently, each of the congregation approached the front section, picking up a hammer and a nail. They then nailed their sin to a specially-made wooden cross cast on the floor.

The sound of the hammer hitting the cross in the dim and silent church presented an emotional moment for many who were present.

As the congregation reflected on the Cross on Good Friday and the price Jesus paid, they were reminded that God’s plan of a hope and a future. (Matthew 27:32-66)

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