by James TC Wong

Apr 8, Miri – The congregation of Grace MC celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus with a morning service marked by joyful worship and the gift of Easter eggs.

The Scripture Reading was taken from Matthew 28:1-20.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Koh Kah Soon from the Singapore Trinity Theological College preached a stirring message entitled “The Passion for Christ”.

“If Good Friday speaks about the Passion of Christ, the great event of Easter which celebrates to the resurrection of Christ should move us to live a life marked by a renewed Passion for Christ,” said Rev. Dr. Koh.

Our passion, he reiterated, cannot match the Passion of Christ. But it should at least stir in us a desire to love Him more and draw us into a deeper commitment to the greater works of God.

To be on the right track to live a life marked by a deep Passion for Christ, Rev. Dr. Koh encouraged the congregation to focus on a greater ambition that God has given to all with an illustration of 4Ws:

1) Women are the type of disciples who have a deep Passion for Christ. Yet while the known disciples were in hiding, the women followers were there for Him when He was nailed to the cross. The women were also seeking to attend to Him after He was laid in the tomb. Therefore, the devotion and commitment of women are exemplary.

2) Worship – To have a sustainable Passion for Christ, the right and proper thing to do is to cultivate and greater sense of reverence for the Risen Lord, and have an ever readiness to bow down before Him to worship Him.

3) Avoid Wickedness and avoid patronizing the works of people who are wicked.

4) Be obedient to the challenge to be the faithful Witness. No one can talk about having the Passion for Christ if he refuses to accept responsibility to be His Witness.

“The choice is ours to make,” the good shepherd concluded. “No one can decide for you. Over Good Friday, we considered the Passion for Christ. Today on Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection, it is for us to decide if we want to live a passive life or a passionate life for Christ, the Risen Lord and Saviour.”

Towards the end of the service, each member of the congregation received an Easter egg which is symbolic of resurrection and new life.

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