Receiving of Colours by the Chaplain

Story – James TC Wong, Photos – William Ting

Apr 30, Miri – 4th Miri celebrated its 10th Anniversary during the Enrolment Sunday Service yesterday together with church members and the Boys’ Brigade from other Companies in the district.

The service commenced at 8:30 am sharp with the traditional Boys’ Brigade Colours March-in as the combined band from 2nd Miri and 4th Miri played the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” to a standing and respectful congregation.

For the opening song the worship team uplifted the congregation with the popular Boys’ Brigade hymn “Will Your Anchor Hold” that contains its motto and obvious reference to its emblem.

Captain Roseline Lee welcomes the Officers and Boys

In delivering her annual report, 4th Miri Captain Roseline Lee thanked God for all the years of support that the Company has received from its sponsoring church, Grace Methodist.

She also welcomed the respective Captains, Officers and Boys from 1st Miri, 2nd Miri, 3rd Miri, 5th Miri and the representative from SRK (C) Chung Hua Pujut.

After the report on statistics, Captain Lee encouraged parents to send their boys to the church-based Saturday parade. “One hour of Boys’ Brigade activity in school on Wednesday afternoon is insufficient because of time limitation. Your boy will benefit much more from the Saturday parade,” she advised.

In Malaysia, the Boys’ Brigade is recognised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education as an approved Extra Curricular Activity (ECA).

Highlights during the service included an Officers’ Dedication, a short video showing the activities for the past ten years, a song presentation by the Juniors, a fancy drill by the Seniors and the cutting of the anniversary cake.

Sgt Sim Soon Sin receives the Gold Scholastic award for scoring 10A+ in his SPM

Pte William Chen – Link badge, JSS badge
Pte Adrian Tang – Link badge, JSS badge, Bronze Scholastic Award (UPSR 3A)
Pte Yong Yi Lam – Link badge, JSS, Bronze Scholastic Award (UPSR 3A)
Pte Jason Law – Link badge, JSS badge, Bronze Scholastic Award (UPSR 4A)
Pte Richard Chen – LYS badge
Sgt Sim Soon Sin – LYS badge, NCO Proficiency Star, Gold Scholastic (SPM 10A+)

WO Flor Nera Woodford – Appreciation plaque
Lt Edward Woodford – Appreciation plaque
Lt Margaret Lee Siik Kee – 10 Years Service
Hon. Cpt. Frederick Wong Yok Tak – 10 Years Service

4th Miri Hon. Captain Frederick Wong

“Ten years can be long and short depending on what we are measuring. To an organization, it is short but to a person, ten years is considered long because we don’t have many ten years in our lives,” said 4th Miri Honorary Captain Frederick Wong in his opening speech.

The founding member then shared passionately on the Company’s formative years and also praised the Officers who had been serving since inception.

“It is not easy to be a BB Officer because one has to be fully committed. In the course of ten years we had our ups and downs but thank God we all held steadfast and kept the flag flying by faith. As 4th Miri moves into the next decade, shall we all continue to serve with delight.”

4th Miri Chaplain Pastor Tiong Huong Ong

Showing concern with the Christian walk and how Christians should live, 4th Miri Chaplain Pastor Tiong Huong Ong preached ‘Living To Please God’ extracted from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12.

The sermon was entitled “More and More”.

Echoing the Apostle Paul, the good Chaplain exhorted the congregation to live a holy life that is pleasing to God.

“Remember not long ago we had a water crisis in Miri. Many people rushed to buy bottled water reacting to a rumor that there would be no water supply for three days. But the water supply resumed that night and yet people still complained that the water smelled of diesel.”

“We demand pure water, pure air, pure food but not pure mind or pure morals,” lamented Pastor Tiong.

He also spoke about the worldwide decline on moral values and the challenges he faced when he was studying in Taiwan as an undergraduate.

“When we face temptations, just remember that it is God’s will for us to live a holy life more and more. As we are More and More ‘dead’ to sin, we are More and More ‘alive’ to God.”

“And please remember about More & More. Live a holy life that pleases our God More and More. And also to love one another More and More,” said Pastor Tiong as he concluded his sermon.

The Colours March-out marked the end of the service with light refreshments served.

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