Rev. Wong emphasizes a point. The Chinese to English translator is at his left.

by James TC Wong

May 10-11, Miri – Do ghosts and evil spirits exist? If your answer is no, probably it’s because you haven’t come across any, reasoned the speaker in his opening introduction.

“In the years of speaking to a few thousand people on this topic, less than twenty have admitted that they have come across ghosts,” said Rev. Wong Tuong Toh.

To promote a Christian Living awareness on unclean spirits, Grace MC organized a seminar over two evenings for its congregation.

The invited speaker, from Huai Ann MC, Sibu is an experienced pastor on the subject.

He also explained why the issue concerning ghosts and evil spirits is important.

People generally assume what ghosts or evil spirits are. However in most cases, people are not capable of easily discerning between a departed soul and an unclean spirit in paranormal incidents.

Seminar in session

The popular view engaged by most people is ghosts are strictly souls of the departed and are generally not malevolent.

In the bible evil spirits are typically associated to demons, and in most cases, to the devil himself.

According to the speaker, both ghosts and evil spirits are demonic in nature.

Jesus cast out demons as accounted in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, reminded the speaker. He further said that Christians would harbour misconceptions if they do not believe in the existence of ghosts and evil spirits.

Using biblical evidence and context, Rev. Wong warned the congregation to “be alert and of sober mind for the enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8).

During the final evening session, there was an interesting Q & A with Rev. Wong and the congregation engaging in active interaction.

Aaron Hii, church member and Chairman of the GMC Missions Ministry found the seminar comprehensive and insightful.

“Not many people are experienced and equipped to handle unclean spirits. I encourage those who always go for local or overseas missions to be alert of evil manifestations so that they know what to do when incidents arise,” he cautioned.

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