Rev. Lisa presents a gift hamper to church member Chang Yi (middle).

by James TC Wong

May 13, Miri – Parents’ Sunday was celebrated at Grace MC with an extra dose of joy as 15 people were baptized including four Boys from 4th Miri. 37 received their confirmation.

Gift hampers were presented to parents over age 60 while every other parent received an umbrella.

The Sunday School children presenting a song

The Sunday School children delighted the congregation with a song presentation while two boys honored their respective parents with a short speech.

“I love my parents so much because they are always there for me, every day, every hour, every second. I thank God for giving me such fantastic parents,” said 11 year-old Joshua Tan.

Jonathan Chin thanked his parents for their love and care. “Though my daddy is very busy, I thank him for putting me in a good school. I also thank my mommy for giving up her career to take care of us,” he said.

Jonathan Chin giving his speech in the evening service

Earlier the brave 12 year-old together with his dad shaved their heads bald to raise money for the Sarawak’s Cancer Children Society charity drive “GoBald”.

Focusing on John 20: 24-30, Pastor Tiong Huong Ong delivered his sermon entitled “Have you seen the SIGNS yet?”

The best parent’s day present that we can give to our parents is the Gospel of God, preached Pastor Tiong.

“It is not something useless or an empty hope, but it is for the sake of their eternal life,” he continued.

Pastor Tiong reminded the congregation that Christians have a strong belief in the gospel not only by faith, but because of the testimonies given by John the Baptist, Jesus, and the disciples.

The disciples were the first witnesses who saw the risen Lord with their own eyes hence their testimonies were real.

“Therefore if we love our parents we should care not only their physical needs, but also their spiritual needs. Since we have a hope that we will be risen during Jesus’ coming, we pray that our parents will be with us together in heaven as well,” summed up Pastor Tiong.

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