The awardees with BB Captain Lee

by James TC Wong

Sep 6, Miri – After nine months of exciting learning activities, the 4th Miri Boys’ Brigade ended their final session for this year at SJK (C) Chung Hua with an award ceremony yesterday.

Certificates presented for the coloring competition were:

Primary Three – Bernard Wong (1st), Lionel Huong (2nd), Alexander Huong and Ting Shi Bin (3rd)
Primary Four – Elson Sim (1st), Ngieng Hui Yuan (2nd)
Primary Five – Derrel Sieu (1st), Sebastian Chew (2nd), Marcus Huong (3rd)
Primary Six – Loh Zheng Xing (1st), Othniel Wan (2nd), Ting Ming Hau (3rd), Ivan Ling (4th)

Loh Zheng Xing was awarded the Best Participant for 2012.

Captain Roseline Lee gave away the presents to the awardees in the presence of 4th Miri Boys’ Brigade Chaplain Pastor Tiong Huong Ong and the teacher-in-charge Tiong Hong Yii.

“We hope the Primary Six students will join the Senior Boys next year in Grace Methodist Church,” said Captain Lee. “We are also thankful to the teachers-in-charge for their assistance throughout this year, making our job so much easier.”

The ceremony ended with light refreshments served and party packs given to all the Boys.

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