SCAC President Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su with Ling Kwong MC Choir from Limbang.

by James TC Wong

Sep 15, Miri – The packed sanctuary in Mei Ann MC was filled with joyful music when the choirs from Miri Methodist District churches converged to worship God with hymns and songs.

The talented choirs were represented by the congregational members from Permy MC, Hwai En MC, Grace MC, Tudan MC, Lawas MC, Marudi MC, Ling Kwong MC, Gan En MC, Yi En MC, Taman Tunku MC, Mei Ann MC, SMCGC, Life MC, Miri Methodist District Choir and Miri Methodist District Youth Choir.

Miri Methodist District Superintendent Rev. Esther Law led in the opening prayer of thanksgiving for the evening’s worship.

Also present was Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su Chii Ann, the President of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC).

For two hours the choir ensembles worshiped God as the human voice is one of the best expression of God’s desire for praise.

A 17-member ensemble from Grace MC made its debut performance with an impressive A Capella version of the hymn ‘Hear my prayer’ (Moses Hogan, 1957-2003). Though at its infancy, the choir under the direction of Methodist District Music Director Bong Wui Choo was appreciated by the congregation.

Obviously delighted with the songs worship, Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su praised the members of the choirs for their love and dedication in serving the ministry.

In his message after the worship, Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su quoted Miriam and the women who rejoiced in songs and dance after crossing the Red Sea as written in the Book of Exodus.

Emphasizing on the importance of this ministry, Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su reiterated that the Psalms were written for the purpose of singing.

The Miri District Methodist Choir led by conductor Lau Buong Hoo.

“When Jesus was born, the heavenly choir praised God for His glory and proclaimed peace on earth to all those whom He was well pleased. Apostle John recorded the choirs singing before the throne of God in future. Hence praising God is our eternal service and worship to our God,” he added.

Continuing his message, Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su encouraged the choir ministry to keep the momentum going by doing the following 4P’s:

1. Praise – Be constantly reminded of the real motive and purpose of joining the choir; that is to praise God and to lead His people to do likewise.

2. Presence – Be present at the choir practice and presentation. Pray for commitment and experience the presence of God. Pastors and church leaders should encourage the choir members often.

3. Participation – Participate in many special events besides the church worship to improve. Aim to raise the standard of the choir to serve the Lord and His church better.

4. Passion – Have the passion to keep going. Have the passion to love God by worshiping and praising.

“Let us affirm the values, roles and ministry of the choir in our church. Do continue to press on with these 4 P’s,” summed up Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su.