Dr. Ahmad Fauzey (standing, far right) presenting the talk.

by James TC Wong

OCT 31, MIRI – In collaboration with the Miri General Hospital, the Social Concerns Ministry from Grace Methodist Church (GMC) organized a health awareness talk for students and teachers at SMK Baru Miri.

Representing the Miri General Hospital were Dr. Ahmad Fauzey Kassim and Dr. Siti Nur Fudhlana, with Ling Hui Chu and Chia Kah Pheng from GMC.

The principal of SMK Baru Miri, Mr. Mohamad Shariff bin Mat Saad, warmly welcomed the visitors upon arrival.

The topic for the talk was “Scoliosis” or more commonly known as “The Crooked Back”.

Scoliosis or spinal curvature, affects 2% to 4% of the population and is more prevalent among females, said Dr. Fauzey.

People with scoliosis have a spine that curves too much like the letter ā€œCā€ (one curve) or ā€œSā€ (two curves).

During the thirty minutes talk Dr. Fauzey explained the causes, incidences risks factors, symptoms, signs and tests, and treatment.

“There are three types of scoliosis depending on when it develops,” said Dr. Fauzey. “Infantile scoliosis occurs from birth to three years of age and Juvenile scoliosis develops between four to nine years of age. For the teenagers group, it is called Adolescent scoliosis.”

Concerns in the form of questions from causes to surgery costs from the floor were raised after the talk.

“We hope this health talk will bring more awareness to our community. Many people don’t know that our Miri General Hospital has an Orthopaedic Department with three specialist doctors. Certainly screening can help detect early scoliosis in children and treatment can be sought,” commented Chia.

In closing, Principal Mr. Mohamad presented the school’s hang flags to the representatives from the Miri General Hospital and GMC in appreciation of the event.

Ling from GMC also reciprocated by presenting appreciation souvenirs to the school principal and to the hospital staff doctors.

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