The kids enjoying their tea break during one of the sessions.

Story contributed by Jennifer Fam, Photo by James TC Wong

MIRI – ‘SonSurf Beach Bash’ was the chosen theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) held from Nov 12-16 at Grace Methodist Church (GMC).

More than 90 kids participated and we thank God for the 20 teachers and volunteers.

The VBS consisting a series of half-day programs built a lifetime of happy memories, friendships and a solid Christian foundation for the participants.

It also gave the kids answers to five big questions about Jesus:

  1. Who is Jesus? Kids MET UP with Jesus by hearing about His birth and actions in the temple as a 12 year old. They were challenged to get to know Jesus in a deeper way.
  2. Why can I trust Jesus? Kids LOOKED UP to Jesus as they heard how an Official trusted Jesus to help him. Kids were affirmed that they could turn to Jesus in any situation.
  3. Why do I need Jesus? Kids understood what it meant to JOIN UP with Jesus as they heard bout His death and resurrection. They learned the need for Jesus and His loving actions are all that’s required for them to be part of God’s family.
  4. How can Jesus help me when I mess up? Kids OPENED UP to Jesus’ forgiveness as they heard the story of the Prodigal Son. They discovered that when they’ve done wrong, Jesus doesn’t stop loving them, but forgives and helps them get back on track.
  5. What does Jesus want me to do? Kids FIRED UP for Jesus as they listened to the story of Jesus’ last encounter with his disciples. Kids were prepared to show by their actions and words the love for Jesus and the desire to follow him.

Besides Bible stories, crafts and indoor Bible games, the VBS was pumped with lots of outdoor fun like ‘Sand Castle Contest’, ‘Beach Towel Brigade’, ‘Build-at-Tourist’, ‘Seals and Sharks’, ‘Catch a Wave’ and many more.

‘SonSurf’ snacks provided by GMC Ladies Fellowship were served according to themes like ‘Sweet Scrolls’, ‘Look-Up Treats’, ‘Octo-Dogs in Noodles’ and others.

The VBS finale was a ‘Parents-Children’ night on Friday when all the parents were invited. Among the highlights were a photo slideshow, presentation and testimonies by the children.

Overall the VBS was a success. Glory and praise to our God Almighty who has made all things possible! Amen.

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