One for the album – participants from Asia & the UK!

by James TC Wong

HONG KONG – The 1st Boys’ Brigade Asia Officers Fellowship was held at YMCA Wu Kwai Sha recently from Dec 28-31.

Organized by the Boys’ Brigade Asia (BBA) and hosted by the Boys’ Brigade Hong Kong (BB HK), the event drew more than 70 participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, Macau and Hong Kong.

BB Asia was formed when BB representatives from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand signed a Memorandum of Agreement in 2004.

Its objective is to unite all the BB by providing an international structure and organization to address on issues, problems and development pertaining to BB work in Asia.

In his welcoming address, BB Asia Executive Secretary Francis Chiong praised BB Hong Kong for doing a fine job in hosting the inaugural event.

“As the theme for this event is to encourage and to fellowship with one another, we will certainly seize this opportunity to do so over the next few days. We really thank God for your good response to participate,” he added.

A forum was held on Dec 29 whereby the Bishop of the Diocese of Western Kowloon, Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Soo delivered an exhortation on “Spiritual Leadership” to encourage the Officers.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Soo.

Among the highlights was a community service initiated by the BB Hong Kong with the assistance from the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department.

Representatives from the participating countries formed small teams with the members from the various Hong Kong BB Companies to visit senior citizens at their homes for a “Sharity Experience”. The word “Sharity” is aptly coined from “share” and “charity”.

Representing Grace Methodist Church Malaysia, participant Captain Roseline Lee from 4th Miri was visibly elated with the “Sharity Experience”.

The 15-year-old BB HK presents a gift to a senior citizen.

“It’s an eye-opener for us to appreciate what the Hong Kong government has done much for its senior citizens and we thank BB Hong Kong for organizing such a memorable visit,” she commented.

The Fellowship and Cultural Night was another exciting highlight when representatives from each country presented a performance relating to each national unique culture.

“This Fellowship is timely. It gathers the Officers from all over Asia for friendship and we have become support groups to each other through new bonding. I’m more encouraged to move forward in expanding Christ’s Kingdom through the BB ministry,” said Paul Tiu, the President of BB Philippines.

Rev. Richard Tok, the Associate Chaplain of BB Asia and also the National Chaplain of BB Malaysia was the preacher for the Sunday Worship service.

Following the closing ceremony, the 7th General Council Meeting was held at the Hong Kong Baptist Church.

Ong Teong Hoon from Singapore was elected as the new BB Asia President.