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The uplifting songs worship brought everyone on to their feet

by James Tc Wong

MAR 18, MIRI – God’s favor on Senadin Methodist Gospel Campus Center (SMCGC) was evident during its New Wing Dedication and Thanksgiving Service yesterday.

More than 180 congregational members and church leaders including Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC) President Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su Chii Ann and Miri Methodist District Superintendent Rev. Esther Law were present to witness the joyous occasion.

To serve an increasing congregation, a new wing has now doubled the present premises to 2,400 sq. ft. covered area.

A meeting room and pantry area have been also furnished.

Established in 2003, SMCGC’s close proximity to Curtin University makes it ideal to serve as a spiritual home for the campus students.

In his opening sermon “Is Christian Growth a journey?“, Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su extended his heartiest congratulations to SMCGC on the latter’s expansion.

He said SCAC had been supportive of the Preaching Point’s infrastructural growth, identifying its future as a church. Drawing the verses from Peter 1:3-11, the President then asked the congregation to take stock of their own individual spiritual growth.

“We can’t be stationary in our spiritual journey. We need to go from station to station as sojourners and pilgrims,” reiterated Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su.

He further encouraged the congregation to cultivate and bear faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, Godliness, brotherly kindness and love.


Pastor-in-charge Tiong Huong Ong gave thanks to God for His provisions and guidance during the renovations works.

“On behalf of SMCGC, I would like to thank SCAC for supporting us financially,” he said in his speech after a short video clip highlighting the years of activities.

“We are indeed blessed to receive help in various aspects; from our Rev. Esther Law and District Lay Leader Mr. Lau Kung Mei. Other church members saw and responded to our needs and we are indeed much grateful to their love shown to us,” he said.

The good shepherd continued to thank SMCGC Lay Leader Ms. Fidella Tiew, LCEC members and all involved for their tireless contributions.

Pastor Tiong also took the opportunity to announce the new purpose statement: ‘Building a loving and disciple-making church family for the Youths’ to the congregation.

There are five pillars deriving from the acronym S.M.C.G.C. upon which the purpose statement was developed: S – Spiritual Life Equipping, M – Mentoring Leaders, C – Character Building, G – Gospel Spreading, C – for Christ.

In closing, tokens of appreciation were presented by Ms. Tiew to Rev. Dato’ Dr. Su, Ms. Bai Yien, Mr. Huong Haw Seng, Mr. Jeremy Sim and Mr. Tiong Hai Chwei.