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MIRI – The Enrolment Sunday Service was held in the packed sanctuary of Grace Methodist Church on May 12.

This year the event was hosted jointly by the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade.

At 8:30 am sharp, the solemn Colours March-in commenced with the BB playing the drums and trombone to the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

Witnessed by a standing congregation, the respective BB and GB Colours were received by the BB Chaplain Tiong Huong Ong.

Traditionally the Enrolment Sunday is an important event whereby all officers and members are officially enrolled and re-dedicated.

More significantly, every officer, helper and member will stand before God and congregation to pledge their commitment for another year of service.

In delivering her report, Cpt. Roseline Lee thanked the parents for their support in sending their children to BB. Highlighting the programs and activities done in the past year, Cpt. Lee also reiterated the outstanding values of the oldest uniform organization in the world.

“We inculcate a good sense of character composed of Christian beliefs, values, life skills and traits with the purpose of nurturing today’s youths to serve and lead tomorrow,” she said.

Promotion, badges and awards were also announced.

Lt. Edward Woodford and W.O. Flor Nera Woodford received the Bronze Officer’s Award (10 Years Service badge).

The Bronze Scholastic Award was received by Pte. Jonah Lau and Pte. Kevin Tang respectively for attaining good results in the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination.

The Silver Scholastic Award was received by L/Cpl. Christopher Tan in the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination scoring 7A’s and 1B. Promoted to Corporal, Tan also received the 3 Years Service badge.

Cpl. Yong Shiuan received the Gold Scholastic award scoring 9A’s and 2B’s in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination. He also received the 5 Years Service badge.

Girls’ Brigade Cpt. Eunice Ho presented her annual report to the congregation. She took the opportunity to thank her fellow Officers and Helpers, and encouraged more parents to enroll their daughters in the weekly Saturday afternoon parade held in the church.

The congregation was visibly delighted with the creative performances by the BB Juniors and Seniors, and also from the GB.

In his sermon entitled “Hold Tight to your Faith”, Chaplain Tiong outlined the history of the early church when countless Christians were persecuted because of their unwavering faith.

“We have an anchor for our soul, firm and stedfast for us to take hold of it. The question is would we hold it tightly?” asked Chaplain Tiong.

The good Chaplain also reminded parents that it was their responsibility to educate their children to fear God.

“With the heart of fearing God, our children and ourselves won’t sin against God, won’t sin against one another, and would live our life according to God’s will,” he added.

The service ended with the Colours March-out, followed by light refreshments served .

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