Top pic – At Kuala Baram Batu Satu area, Madam Bagau Ak Belimbi from GMT (R4) giving the food pack to Madam Nani Ak Babu. Bottom pics (LR) – Madam Bagau giving the food pack to a visually-impaired woman, a woman with skin disease, a family with young children.

by James TC Wong

June 16, Miri – A project collaboration among three Methodist churches has resulted in reaching out to the needy families residing in Tudan, Permyjaya, Kuala Baram and Kuala Baram Batu Satu area.

Rev. Wong Sing Ming and Rev. Lisa Ting joined a group of church leaders and youths from Gereja Methodist Tudan (GMT), Mei Ann MC and Grace MC in the 4-hour visitation to 70 homes giving them packs containing food essentials like cooking oil, rice, Milo, biscuits and dry noodles.

Initiated by GMT, the triannual social concerns outreach (during Easter, Gawai and Christmas) has underscored the importance of uplifting the lives of the less-privileged and needy indigenous people in the northern zone of Miri city.

“We are so glad that two churches from the Miri Methodist District are partnering us in our effort today. It is our obligation to remember the least, the last and the lost,” said Wong Kung Kui, the LCEC Chairman of GMT.

The Pastor-in-charge of Mei MC was visibly touched by the warm hospitality received during the visitation.

Quoting Proverbs 21:13,”Whoever refuses to hear the cry of the poor will also cry himself, but he won’t be answered”, Rev. Wong summed up by saying: “Generosity is blessed by God; so be generous and share our food with the needy.”

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