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Workshop in session.

by James TC Wong

JULY 5, MIRI – At the invitation of Grace Methodist Church, consultant and trainer Dr. Leonard Yong (PhD; Med; B.Sc) conducted an in-house workshop “Leading with Emotional Excellence” for ministry volunteers.

The renowned Malaysian industrial psychologist is no stranger to the church having conducted a similar session some years before.

Dr. Yong has gained international recognition for his research and consultancy work on creativity and emotional intelligence. He has consulted and conducted numerous workshops on EQ and Creative Thinking for leaders in MNCs.

The session started with ice-breaking activities followed by self-discovery questionnaires. Answer scores of the participants were then plotted in the chart to better understand self-behavioural style.

Based on LEONARD PERSONALITY INVENTORY (a model combining the 4 Greek Temperaments and the Big 5 Models), one can identify a person’s emotional orientation and locate a person’s preferred behavioural orientation on any of the five dimensions; Openness, Neutral, Analytical, Relational and Decisive Dimensions.

Other aspects of the workshop included Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and TENT Therapy (T-Thanksgiving attitude, E-Enjoy your work & live in obedience to your conscience, N-No coincidence in our lives,T-Thankfulness to God).

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Dr. Leonard Yong explains a behavioural aspect on a scene from the movie “Gladiator”.

A lifestyle of living well, thinking well, eating well and exercising well is required to implement Emotional Excellence for relationship and innovative leadership, Dr. Yong summed up.

At the end of program, each participant received a customized personality trait booklet for self-development.

“The findings and results of the individual customised booklet have helped me and my husband understand each other even better as we capitalize on our strengths and work to improve on our weaknesses,” commented Magdalene Lee who serves in the Children’s Sunday School. “I’m so glad I’ve attended this workshop.”

Small Group Leader Jean Seow said that the training has helped church workers and volunteers in understanding better the different personalities of one another. “With this awareness, we can easily avoid conflicts and staying focussed on our church purpose statement.”

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