Group photo of the Rh. Ansi STM (short term mission) team.

by James TC Wong, photo credit – Irene Chee

JUN 28-29, MIRI – Ten members from SMCGC (Senadin Methodist Campus Gospel Centre) joined the GMC STM (short term mission) team for a 2D/1N trip to Rh. Ansi, Balingian.

The 2D/1N trip was one of the scheduled programs under the Membership and Evangelism ministry with the purpose of outreaching to the residents of the longhouse and bringing them the Good News.

TESTIMONY by Adam Tiong Year 2, Chemical Engineering, Curtin University Miri

THOUGH my Disciple One Class (Red Book) was completed a year ago, some of us have remained close and still keep in contact with each other.

It was a challenge to prepare for the trip as we were only briefed a few weeks earlier before our semester exam ended. So we decided to act after our exam.

By God’s grace, we were able to prepare for our assigned work; the Youth Fellowship and the Children’s ministry. We met and planned, and got everything joyfully done within three days!

In a blink of an eye, it was time to go to Balingian on Jun 28. We left GMC at 7:30 am. During the 5-hour journey we practised what we needed to do and it was a great time of fellowship for us and our driver, Brother Hong.

We arrived at Rh. Ansi, warmly welcomed by the residents. After unloading, GMC members started off the program by inviting everyone for a session of praise and worship. About 30 residents joined us.

Top LR Clockwise - The SMCGC team with the kids, Kids doing a presentation, With the youths, GMC M & E Richard Lin presents bibles to the Rumah Tuai
Top LR Clockwise – The SMCGC team with the kids, Kids doing a presentation, With the youths, Team leader Richard Lin presents bibles to the Rumah Tuai.

After exchanging some self-introduction through ice-breaking, we formed two groups; youths and children. I was with the group in charge of nine youths. As we did some introduction and ice-breaking, we shared the Good News with them.

As we went through the program, it dawned upon me that the opportunity God gave us was timely. The session could be one of the most important days in their lives as we shared about Christ Jesus.

Our activity was not too difficult and we had them acting out a drama. I felt our caring attitude is an important aspect as we carried out the ministry. Hopefully we have left a good impression on them about Christian love.

In the evening GMC members served a scrumptious dinner to all. Following that, a movie on Jesus and His ministry was shown. A brief sharing was subsequently done by Pastor Johnnycal in the Iban language.

Thus ended the day, and we went to bed after rehearsing our songs in preparation for the next day.

After waking up the next morning at six and showering in the freezing water provided, we gathered to do our devotion.

At 8 am, we went off to the local church and attended the worship service there. After the praise and worship session (which we were in charge), two of our members Joseph and Barbara shared their testimonies. Brother Richard from GMC also shared. Their testimonies touched me knowing that they had to endure hardships to know Christ.

And so our mission trip was completed as we returned to Miri after the worship service. All in all, it was one of the shortest mission trips that I have ever participated but definitely no less in importance.

I now have a better understanding on different types of non-believers. My bonding with my Disciple classmates has deepened.

I want to thank God for giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve Him again in the mission field and pray that He has used me in some small way to touch the lives of those we met.

All glory and praises to God Almighty!

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