Sharing early Christmas joy with the folks at Rh. Tatom.

by James TC Wong

Nov 28-29, Miri – Nineteen people from Grace Methodist Church (GMC) including two from Senadin Methodist Campus Gospel Centre (SMCGC) and one from Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) made a visit to Rh. Tatom, Selangau recently.

Organized by GMC, the purpose of the trip was to minister to the residents of Rh. Tatom and to celebrate the joy of Christmas with them.

“We’re thankful to God for this blessed opportunity to visit and minister to the people of Rh. Tatom,” said team leader Richard Lin. “Rh. Tatom is no stranger to us as we have been in contact with them for the past years and have seen them grown.”

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