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WHAT’S YOUR STORY? is a new series of life-changing testimonies by GMC members. Sharing stories of trials, and God’s faithfulness and love is our gift to the community.

by Chen Pei Cheng, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

EVERY MORNING upon waking up I give thanks to God for being alive to live a new day! I pray to commit everything to the Lord. Only then will I start my day’s chores.

Sometime in January, the Girls’ Brigade (GB) room in the annex house was relocated to Isaiah Room in church. Thanks to God’s guidance, the moving was smooth. I want to give thanks to all the GB officers who were involved including our dear Pastor Lenita who joined in to help.

One of the officers requested that I duplicated the key for Isaiah Room. For convenience sake, I put the duplicate key together with my house keys.

The following Sunday we attended the church worship service. When we reached home after that, something strange happened – I could not find the Isaiah Room key with the bunch of my house keys! I became worried and kept telling myself that it couldn’t be. Inside the house, I looked high and low and my kids helped me search inside the car several times but to no avail. We were at the point of turning our house upside down in the search for the keys.

I suddenly had an idea; I could go and duplicate the key again and nobody would know. On the other hand, I felt guilty about my carelessness. Two days passed and I still couldn’t find the key. I prayed to God to help me but nothing happened. I was getting more worried and didn’t know how to explain to the GB officers and Pastor about my carelessness.

Subsequently after the lost key incident, the GB officers had a meeting with Pastor. At that time there was a heavy downpour and I was thinking of excusing myself from attending the meeting using the reason that I have poor vision and also the long distance I had to drive to church. So I sent a message via Whatsapp to the Pastor telling her I couldn’t make it. After that, I felt a certain heaviness in my heart realizing that it was the first meeting with our new Pastor. However, amazingly at about the same time the heavy raining ceased and I believed God wanted me to attend the meeting.

Once I stepped into Pastor’s office, I said, “Yes, I made it!” And Pastor replied, “Yes, you made it. Praise the Lord!” At the end of the meeting, Pastor asked if there was any prayer request. I didn’t know why but during the meeting Pastor kept picking up and putting down a key. I just felt like something was not right and was thinking whether I should tell them that I had lost the key.

I took the courage and told Pastor what happened. I still remember how she prayed. She prayed like this: “Dear Heavenly Father, please be with Pei Cheng, help her to find the Isaiah Room’s key.” After that prayer, I felt relieved.

On the way to pick up my son Dylon, I wondered whether God would help me. At the gate of our house, Dylon asked for the key to open the gate. As usual, I passed a bunch of the keys to him. He took the keys and returned shortly after opening the gate exclaiming, “Hey Mum, isn’t this the key you were looking for? I was dumbfounded and said “Oh yes, Pastor prayed for me and now I have found the key!”

From what I’ve just shared about how we looked high and low for the key but couldn’t find it and later God opened my eyes and my son found the key. For me, this is a miracle! My faith was weak throughout this incident, I now know that nothing is impossible for God!

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