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Rev. Lenita Tiong (left) presenting the certificates. Photo credit – Michael KK Lee

by James TC Wong

MIRI – Twenty-two church members who successfully completed their Disciple Red and Green studies were presented with their respective certificates and pins in a simple ceremony held during the Sunday Worship Service at Grace Methodist Church on March 8.

The nine-month course commenced early March last year.

Disciple Red Book – Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study is a 34-week study that moves the biblical story from Creation to the New Jerusalem. The study covers all the books of the Bible and participants read and study about 80% of it.

Disciple Green Book – Into the Word Into the World encourages people to be open to hearing God’s Word through the Bible and to be guided into their chosen ministry in the world by Scripture and their study of it. This study focuses on Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts only. The uniqueness of this study is the inclusion of the spiritual disciples whereby every week, one particular discipline is included for reflection and practice. The participants are also required to keep Sabbath and to experience rest and rest in the midst of busyness in life.

Facilitators for Disciple Red Book were Amy Shih and Alfred Sibat. For Disciple Green Book, the facilitator was Leong Mui Foon.

In his testimony, Hong Kuan Boo was grateful that his peers encouraged him to persevere in completing the Disciple Red Book. A required commitment is a disciplined routine of studying the Scripture and the time needed to reflect and make notes after the reading. The 53 year-old father of three who works for an MNC also commended the facilitators for doing a good job. “We learned to depend on God to make decisions and during the course, we developed a close rapport as we learned from each other,” he added.

29 year-old civil engineer Desmond Ling, who completed Disciple Green Book, commented that the study had also helped the students to grow closer as they shared their experiences, burdens and prayers with one another. “Personally, I was dealing with new commitments at work and had family crisis at home during the duration of the study. I thank God that I am able to complete this study despite the hurdles.”

One of the Disciple Red classes was conducted in Mandarin to help sisters who are more proficient in Chinese. For many of them, the systematic study of the Bible was a new refreshing encounter with the Word of God. Rose Yaw, one of the participants wrote: “God transformed my life that I started to have peace with myself, accepting myself and others the way they are and reminding myself that I am sinful, I am weak, and God is great, merciful, love.”

Bishop Richard B. Wilke, who created The DISCIPLE Bible Study Series, has always said that the Disciple Study is not for information but for Transformation.

Intake for 2015 Disciple Red Book has commenced. For those who are interested, please email Charles Ling at Come join us and be an everyday Disciple!

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