God changed my life through Disciple class, says Rose Yaw for web
God changed me through Disciple Class, says Rose Yaw.

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by Rose Yaw, Grace Methodist Church, Miri

GOD CALLED me to take Disciple Class Red Book in 2014 when I prayed that I would surrender to His calling. I shared with my buddy about it. In turn, my buddy told Jean Seow my intention. Jean told her that her plan for 2014 was to start a Disciple Red Book Class for her Friday morning Chinese Small Group.

I was invited to register for the class. At the start of the study, it was like watching a television series like the ones from Hong Kong or Singapore with episodes to look forward to every week.

As the course progressed from reading Exile to Kings and Prophets, it dawned on me that I was like the Israelites who had forgotten God’s love and promise. I felt I was wrong all these years by being proud just because I could speak English well and had been exposed to the Bible from young. I had been a hypocrite to others and tried to portray myself as a good Christian by going and bringing my children to church. I showed myself as a submissive wife (in the wrong way) and was living a pretentious life. The list could go on to show that I had not been living a truthful Christian life.

Reading the Bible every day and doing the homework six days a week as well as praying for our sisters was a disciplined routine for studying Disciple Red Book. God transformed my life and I started to have peace with myself. I also accepted myself and others for what we are. I reminded myself that I am sinner who is weak but God is great, merciful and loving.

I also witnessed life transformation in our Disciple group. Everyone was teachable and humble in learning together. They were very helpful in explaining the Chinese meaning to me during our group discussion.

Not only I experienced God’s love while studying Disciple Red Book, I also experienced God’s love everywhere and even among the unlovable. I would pray everyday and at any time to God which previously it would only be when I needed Him. Now I can pray and have this special relationship with God. It is such a wonderful feeling even as I write this testimony sharing of God’s love for me. It felt just like when I experienced my first love.

I want to thank my ex-Pastor Lisa Ting and present Pastor Lenita Tiong, and also my Disciple Red Book group. I really treasure your love and support which no words can describe. God bless you all.

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