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Rev. Lenita Tiong (standing 5th from right) with the XEE Team. Photo credit – Abel Wong Ing Hwa.

by James TC Wong

MAY 12, MIRI – After its launch 12 weeks ago, the Grace Methodist Church (GMC) XEE Team re-grouped last night for a thanksgiving dinner to appreciate their trainees and prayer partners.

Also present at the fellowship were Rev. Lenita Tiong and Michael Lee, the Lay Leader of GMC.

XEE is an exciting offshoot of the Evangelism Explosion equipping ministry. Though not new in the SCAC Methodist churches, XEE is nevertheless significant in GMC because it was introduced for the first time. The method of teaching Christians to share the Gospel is through interactive training, small group discussion and role-play. The Gospel presentation is simple and story-driven with room for discussion. It makes witnessing not only non-threatening but an enjoyable activity to look forward to.

In his welcoming message, Richard Lin thanked all the people involved for their commitment and perseverance. Lin, who is also the Chairman of Membership and Evangelism Ministry, commended the prayer partners for their unfailing support throughout the period. “We are also very encouraged with the results we had. In the total number of contact activities, the rejection rate was a low 6.5% as compared to a balanced outcome of acceptance, assurance or neutral-status from the rest,” Lin reported.

The fellowship also provided an opportunity for both trainers and trainees alike to relate their experiences.

Trainer Sally Tan praised God and encouraged the trainees. “Years ago when Rev. Law Hui Seng was the pastor-in-charge of our church, I already had a burden to reach out but didn’t know how. Over the weeks, I was encouraged by the response of prayer partners. It’s not that tough, just focus on Jesus. Be available, have faith, and take action. Leave the rest to the Holy Spirit.”

Trainee Cynthia Hong confessed her shortcoming in sharing the Gospel before knowing XEE. “I wouldn’t know how to continue if a person I approach tells me he or she is not a Christian. After observing how my trainer shared the Gospel and with practice, I have become bolder and confident. Now I’m filled with a purpose in life and I’m so thrilled,” she shared.

Jimmy Shih said he has overcome his fear of sharing the Gospel. “I became a Christian in 2003. I prayed and asked for 3 names; one accepted Christ and two rejected. With XEE, the Gospel is made easy to share. Two persons accepted Christ when I shared the Gospel with them! There is an indescribable joy when the person you shared the Gospel with accepts Jesus. God is faithful and good!”

Nurse Lina Kana was initially bewildered by the memory verses she had to remember. She was also at loss who she could approach to share the Gospel with. Being a grandmother with work and family commitments, Kana at times had wanted to give up the training. “But with God’s strength and prayers, I managed to overcome all my obstacles,” she proclaimed.

All the six trainees have completed their EE Semester Course and will receive their certificates in due course.

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