A Guard-of-Honor for BB Sarawak State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, escorted by Cpt. Lawrence Wong (President, BB Sarawak Northern Region) and Cpt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu).

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

OCT 3, BINTULU – More than 330 Officers, Helpers, Boys and Girls converged on Eng Kwang Methodist Church to commemorate Founder’s Day.

This year, 1st Bintulu was given the honors to host the prestigious event for the Boys’ Brigade Sarawak Northern Region.

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is an interdenominational Christian youth organisation founded by Sir William Alexander Smith in 1883. Its twin pillars are Discipline and Religion, as well as exhibiting a wholesome development in the Social, Spiritual, Educational and Physical four aspects.

Present at the event were the Sarawak BB State Chaplain Rev. George Wong Hin Hung, 1st Bintulu Chaplain Rev. Kelly Lee Sing Yian, 4th Bintulu Chaplain Rev. Yii Kah Ching, together with Sarawak Northern Region President Cpt. Lawrence Wong (1st Limbang).

Representing the Officers were Cpt. Henry Chew (1st Bintulu), Cpt. Alex Tiong (2nd Bintulu), Cpt. Boaz Teng (4th Bintulu), Cpt. Patrick Tiong (2nd Miri), Cpt. Clement Hii (3rd Miri), Cpt. Roseline Lee (4th Miri), Cpt. Yong Soon Fuan (5th Miri), and Cpt. David Wong Ing Kwong (6th Miri).

The event commenced with Members from 1st Bintulu, 2nd Bintulu and 4th Bintulu providing a Guard-of-Honor for the State Chaplain Rev. Wong, escorted by Cpt. Lawrence Wong and Cpt. Henry Chew.

This was followed by the solemn Color Guard March-in by Officers with the eight Captains receiving their respective colors.

The opening prayer was graced by Rev. Lee.

State Chaplain Rev. Wong delivered his exhortation by reminding all present of God’s promises, plans and hopes. Rev. Wong, who is also the Chaplain of 2nd Bintulu (Sponsoring Church – Ming Ong Methodist) reiterated that the hope in Christ is like an anchor for the soul. “Despite all the diseases and disasters the world has faced, Jesus will overcome them,” he assured.

The good shepherd continued to encourage Members who have yet to be baptized to receive Jesus in their lives. “Do not delay anymore. A boat can be anchored by an anchor with its direction facing downward in the water but our anchor is anchored heavenward,” proclaimed Rev. George Wong. “We are merely travelers in this life. Do not love the world but seek eternal life in heaven,” he summed up.

IMG_5683 One for the album! (small file)
One for the album – a blessed and united BB family!

In his speech, host Cpt. Henry Chew welcomed all Officers and Members for their strong support toward the event. “God has blessed the BB ministry for the past 132 years and we live to serve God,” he said.

To the Members, Cpt. Chew encouraged them to become Officers after finishing school in preparation to serve as Captains or Chaplains. “On the international level, three volunteers from Malaysia last week went to Manila to conduct training for their counterparts. I encourage you to do the same; take the initiative to expose yourselves to BB Asia, to give training and share your experiences and knowledge.”

The 1st Bintulu Captain also encouraged the Members to upgrade their skills and knowledge regularly while serving, and seek God for wisdom, strength and faith.

Other highlights included award badges presentation and a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the event.

In the evening, a BBQ was held at the poolside at the Kolam Awam Renang Bintulu.

For the first time, fun activities organized for the Seniors and Juniors were spectacularly captured on video by a drone manned by WO Edmund Wee of 4th Bintulu.