Christmas Eve Carols and Lessons
(Cast : Angels, Shepherds, Joseph, Mary, Wise men)

Call to worship Isaiah 9:6
Carol of Praise Hark the Herald Angels Sing
(As carol being sung, angels came in and move around and then gradually move out before the end of the carol)

Proclamation of the Birth Luke 2:8-14

Carol of Hope Silent Night, Holy Night
(Shepherds move in with sheep and sit on ground. Some can lie down and others care for imaginary flocks. By 2rd stanza, angels come in and announce good news. Shepherds show fear and when angels leave, shepherds discuss to move on)

Birth of the Christ Child Matthew 1:18-21, Luke 2:1-7

Carol of Joy Away in a Manger
(Joseph and Mary walk in with the baby, place baby in a manger and sit down)

The Shepherds Visit Luke 2:15-20

Carol of Worship O Come All ye Faithful
(Shepherds and Joseph and Mary leave the scene)

Testimony by one or two of the joy and love of Christmas

Visit of the Wise Men Matthew 2:1 – 12

Carol of Celebration Joy to the World
(Joseph and Mary, shepherds, wise men walk in and sit down)

Closing Prayer

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