Goat Farm co-owner Lydia Law (far right) tells the BB group how to estimate the age of a goat by counting its teeth.

by James TC Wong, 4th Miri

OCT 29, MIRI – The 4th Miri Coy Boys’ Brigade visited Kenaan Goat Farm as part of their scheduled educational outing for this year.

Located at the outskirts about 10 km from the city, the farm is easily accessible by road.

Welcoming the group of visitors was Lydia Law, the warm and friendly co-owner.

Established six years ago, the farm is an elevated timber structure that can hold more than 100 goats. ┬áIt is quite unique in Miri as it is the only one breeding Saaneen goats which is the largest of the dairy goat breeds. “There are a few goat farms locally but we are the only one supplying dairy goat milk,” explained Law during the briefing to the visitors.

According to Law, the Saanen goat originated in Switzerland. It is a favorite among the milking goat herds because of its high milk production with lower butterfat, around 3.5% range. The average milk production of a healthy Saanen goat doe is around 1,100 liters of milk per year.

The visitors also asked how to identify gender, lifespan and habits of the goats. Some of the Boys were given the opportunity to milk the goat, followed by free sampling. Individual purchases of goat drinks and soaps were also done.

“We want to thank Madam Law for her time and love for The Boys’ Brigade. Our visit is really interesting and an eye-opener,” said Roseline Lee, the Captain of 4th Miri.

After one and half hours, the visit ended with all the Members thanking Madam Law for her warm hospitality.

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