A warm welcome to our new members

This Sunday, our church was filled with pure joy as we witnessed the baptism and confirmation of 24 children and adults. The celebration of their baptisms was ultimately a celebration of God’s mission of transforming lives as God draws them to Himself.

One of the most important points in the life of a Christian is when they are baptised and welcomed into the community faith. An outward declaration of an inward transformation, baptism is also an act of obedience by a disciple of Christ.

Our new additions to the GMC family included:
Child Baptism: Mikalya Law, Rian Josiah Salang, Aoife Noelle Salang, Jared Tiang, Axel King Wong, Athan William Tieh, Alexis Mikaela Tieh, Ellyana Wong, Michelle Wong, Kimberly Wong and Daryl Wong

Baptism: Heston Chui, Michelle Ak Lumpong, Welson Yee

Confirmation: Melanie Wong, Joy Anabel Patricia, Au Chin Man, Dorina Ak Brangka

Baptism and Confirmation: Shawn Ting, Hu Shiew Hsin, Hu Chong Yang, Nora Hoang, Bich Ngoc, Wong Ing Ming and Kevin Tang

We also welcome four new members via membership transfer.

Receive into Membership: Jeremy Wong, Yap Choon Ming, Vanessa Goh and Kim Tan

Our new brothers and sisters-in-Christ can now enjoy all of God’s blessings, evident in 1 John 3:1 “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God.”

Just as dear and tender were the ties that bound Jesus to his mother and brothers, those that bound Jesus to his disciples were even more tender and sacred. Likewise, we are now related to our new brothers and sisters in Christ by the blood of Jesus. We are grateful for each one of you, that you have found your way to GMC and that you have decided to make a commitment to this faith community.

We promise to love, encourage and support our new brothers and sisters by teaching the gospel of God’s love, by being an example of Christian faith and character and giving the strong support of God’s family in fellowship, prayer and service.

May God pour out His blessings on our new members, as they walk in His abundance and live in His love.


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