Hey Church!

We are pleased to announce that Grace Methodist Miri will be re-opening our physical (in-person) service and online streaming of our Sunday Services effective 2nd August 2020.

Remember to check back to this page or our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/gmcmiriswk) for the latest updates!

Physical (In-person) service

1. GMC will be reopening for morning service.

2. We take safety measures our members and their families seriously. All of us will be expected to strictly adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) published by the government.

3. Before planning to physically attend our service, remember to visit official website or facebook page check our facebook page for the latest updates. (e.g, any temporary suspensions and weekly registrations)

Online service

1. GMC will be commencing our online livestream of our service via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/gmcmiriswk).

a. Services will be momentarily shortened to 1 hour.

b. Sunday | 8:30am – 9:30 am only. (Evening service has been suspended momentarily)

c. Note: There will be no livestream for evening service

2. Remember to submit your online attendance electronically via on-screen url

Before you plan you next church visit, here are all the pertinent information that you should familiarize yourselves with. This is to keep everyone safe and to ensure that we comply with all government regulations and recommendations. So, here’s what you’ll need to take note of:-

Step to attend physical (in-person) service

  1. To facilitate a smooth check-in, please come 15 min earlier before service starts.

  2. No children below the ages of 12. Families with young children aged 12 and below are encouraged to join us online. Parents/Guardian may communicate and take turn to come for physical service on alternate week basis. Members above the age of 70 are encouraged to join our online services.

  3. Those who are unwell or experiencing respiratory/flu symptoms are reminded to stay at home and avoid public contact.

  4. As our Sanctuary’s seating capacity is limited to a 106 persons, please do not register knowing that you may not come.

  5. Shall you need assistance with you can reach us by church office or via our facebook page.

  6. Please inform your SG leader or pastor if you (or anybody that you have been in close contact with) are returning from Red zone (high risk areas determined by the authorities) e.g, Tawau, Lahad Datu, Kota Kinabalu, Semporna, Sandakan and Kunak. We strongly advice that you refrain from joining our physical service for 2 weeks, self-quarantine yourself and join us via online stream.


I. Come 15 minutes earlier before the service to allow every worshipper to have a smooth check-in process.

II. Upon arrival, please queue up and maintain social distancing (1m) and get your mobile devices ready - as you will be required to submit your check-in electronically.

III. Note that you will be required to ‘check-in’ individually (no group check-ins allowed). An Usher will be on-standby if you do not have a device ready/on-hand.

IV. After filling up your details, an usher will then take your temperature readings.

V. Please use the available hand sanitizers before entering.

Entering before service

Please follow the indicated red arrows when entering our sanctuary before service has started.

Entering during service

Please follow the indicated red arrows when entering our sanctuary after service has started.

Exiting after service

I. Please do leave in an orderly manner so that there are not crowding at the exits. Keep conversations short either inside or outside the sanctuary.

II. Please exit through the nearest exit as per shown in the picture shown.

What to expect when attending our physical (in-person) service

1. Everybody on our premises will be expected to wear their mask at all times.

2. During praise and worship, if you don’t feel comfortable to open your mouth to sing, you are encouraged to meditate and reflect upon the lyrics.

3. Attendees are reminded to observe the 1m safe-distancing guidelines at all times. Our queue lines, benches and chairs have been marked to facilitate in this.

4. Offering boxes locations

Our Offering boxes will be placed at the following 3 locations. Please drop your offering/tithings upon entry or exit. Online transfers are encouraged as well.


5. You are strongly encouraged to use E-Bulletin. Please use the E-bulletin on our website or scan from the QR Code available on screen before the service. (https://www.gmc.org.my/online-resources/bulletins/)

6. Physical bulletins are available upon request. Please request it from our Ushering Team.

7. Hand sanitisers will be made available throughout the facilities for your convenience.

8. We encourage you to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness and hygiene with regular hand-washing.

9. Holy communion will continue to be conducted every 1st Sunday. But instead of approaching the stage, queuing up and being handed the ‘Holy Communion elements’ (Bread and wine); you will pick up your own ‘pre-packaged communion sets’ upon entry.

10. SOP compliance ambassadors or ushers will be available and ready to assist you whenever you need help.